Organizing the Dreaded Garage 

Labeled Garage Tubs

Oh, the garage… the procrastination of organizing the dreaded garage is real.The wonderful dual purpose, communal space that so often becomes the bane of our existence. Everyone shares the garage. It’s often used as a gym, a locker room for all of the sports equipment, holiday decor, and not to mention where all of the tools tend to live. It’s a high-traffic area, and the list of all the ways it serves us is endless!

It’s common to clam up when thinking about organizing a garage. Most of the stuff is covered in spider webs. There is a thick layer of dust from 20 years ago on some of those boxes and that treadmill back there weighs 700 pounds!

Don’t worry! There’s good news.

The good news is, unlike any other spot in your home- most garages come with their very own designated sorting area. The driveway!

For those of you who follow our blogs here at An Organized Home OC, you know why this matters, because what’s the first thing we’re gonna do, friends? That’s right. SORT!

What’s the idea here? 

The idea we generally implement when organizing a garage is to view it as its own little home. You have separate rooms in the house for different purposes, and soon your garage will have the same kind of arrangement.

The only difference between the rooms in your house vs the spaces in your garage is that garages are organized into zones. 

It’s something we always keep in mind when looking at a garage- let’s consider what zone each item goes into. Ask yourself, does this go in a tool zone? Holiday decor zone? Cleaning supply zone? Or maybe a sports zone? When sorting, make sure to keep all like items together so it is easy to place in their designated zones.

What’s the game plan? 

The game plan is to do your stretches, grab your back brace, enlist some help with the heavy lifting, and go in with guns blazing.

A quick tip: We always suggest wearing gloves. We don’t want to mess with spiders and even snakes, depending on where you live and the time of year.

Now, start making some piles on the driveway or the floor of your garage- and sort your stuff by type. Don’t feel weird! Your neighbors won’t look at you funny. 

This is your garage, and you’re taking charge! Give yourself a pat on the back. 

Toss the clutter

Be bold when it comes to this step! Ask yourself if you have used or even thought of each item in the last year. If not, consider giving yourself back the space.

Great! Now create your method

The method without any of the madness!
Now is the time to place your decluttered, sorted items in the containers of your choice and label them away. When putting your garage back together, think of how you functionally live as a family or on your own. What would serve you best? For holiday decor, we tend to keep the farthest up and away. Daily items should get the prime real estate.

You may consider some fun ideas, like backpack hooks for the wall, which make for easy grab-and-go school for sports days. You are the artist, and your garage is your canvas!

As always, if the dread is too much, or you simply want to treat yourself to some quick, effective, and proficient professional organizing- give us a call!  At An Organized Home OC, we will be happy to chat with you and help you in taking that exciting next step in taking charge of your space.

We LOVE tackling garages and will come stretched and ready to go. Contact our team for a professional organizer in Orange County, CA. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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