What to Expect When Hiring a Professional Home Organizer

A professional organizer can help you set home organization goals and guide you through the process if you are interested in decluttering and organizing your home.
What to Expect When Hiring a Professional Home Organizer

Are you sick and tired of the clutter around your home? Coming back home after a long day of work would feel so much better if everything was more organized, wouldn’t it? Of course, it would mean making time to sort everything out and declutter… that could take days! Do you often wonder what to expect when hiring a professional home organizer?

Many homeowners who don’t have the time, energy, or they simply lack the organizational skills to reorganize their homes, tend to hire home organization experts. Yes, there are people who make a living by organizing other people’s lives and their belongings. You can also hire a professional organizer to achieve  ideal functional organization and meet those goals in setting your home and life straight.

Curious about what to expect when you hire a professional home organizer? Today’s post will explain what to expect when hiring a professional home organizer so you can understand why it would be worth your investment.

What is a Professional Home Organizer?

Contrary to what many homeowners might believe, hiring a professional home organizer is not the same as working with someone to give your home a luxury makeover.

Lisa Cantu, A professional home organizer in Orange County, CA defines a professional home organizer as “An expert trained to optimize space and functionality in a home”. It means they can give you the best value for your money in terms of helping you declutter your home, finally sell or donate those items you no longer use, and make your home spaces more functional.

What a Professional Home Organizer can do for You

You might be hesitant about the cost of hiring someone to help you with clutter. But what if I told you it’s not that expensive and it gives you dividends? Home organizers can be very affordable to work with. You can expect them to charge fair hourly rates.

You have your own unique goals and preferences for how you expect functional organization to work in your home. A professional home organizer knows that, and will not simply come in and start moving things around on a whim based on what makes sense to them. Certified professional home organizers listen to your goals for each space in your home, have a non-judgmental and caring approach to helping you declutter, discuss which items you use most for easy access, recommend reasonably priced products for containing your possessions, and finally plan with you the final  organizing outcomes based on  your specific needs.

Here’s an overview of the quick three-step process you can expect when working with the right professional home organizer to declutter your home.

You Reach Out

The first thing you do after wondering what to expect when hiring a professional home organizer, is to reach out to the certified home organizer and schedule a phone consultation to discuss your unique needs. They will ask you about the cluttered spaces in your home, the problems you’re facing, and what exactly you need help with. It helps them get a good understanding of your unique needs and goals, along with the kind of budget that will suit your needs. Another option can also be to communicate via text or email and send pictures of the spaces you’d like organized along with some goals you have  for those spaces.

Planning the Organizing Project

Next, you can expect them to respond with a plan based on the images and information you have provided. The best professional home organizers in Orange County, Southern CA, for example, will also set up Face Time or scheduled Zoom calls to walk you through the process and see first hand the spaces you need support with. After seeing your home spaces and hearing your goals, the home organizer will discuss everything from what needs to go where, to product and storage solutions necessary to meet your unique home organizational needs.

They Help You Reclaim the Spaces in Your Home

Once you have answered the question for yourself as to what to expect when hiring a professional home organizer and you and the organizer are on the same page about the plan, the work can begin. They will take the hassle out of decluttering and organizing your home and do all the heavy lifting for you. You can expect them to transform that haphazard space into an inviting and stress-free space that you and your family can not just call home, but a space where you can finally feel at home again.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Home?

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